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Achieve Stress Relief and Optimal Physical Mobility in 15 Minutes with an On-site Massage

The science of relieving stress and healing the body with massage is now available to the corporate world. Why would this be of benefit to your team? Studies have shown that stress is the leading cause of seventy-five percent of all absentee problems. Massage can relieve stress and improve performance. On-site massage can provide your employees with an increase in stamina and physical mobility though improved body circulation. Also, the application of shiatsu, which is a light touch on specific pressure points, can relax and energize the nervous system of the body.

These techniques can bring results within 15 minutes for the employees. Placed in a seated position, with the use of a specifically designed massage chair, the person is comfortable and accessible for massage.

In addition to a focus on shoulder and back massage, Galina is certified in the science of hand and foot reflexology. The principal of reflexology is the application of pressure and massage to the feet and hands to stimulate nerves in the body, promoting a natural healing and a sense of well being.

Galina offers a choice to each individual for a fifteen minutes massage of either the hands, feet or the shoulder and back. Each massage is guaranteed to bring the desired result of a more relaxed and invigorated employee. A true benefit for your team and your company.

Stress Therapy Management is available to provide your team with this service, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.

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